Nov 8, 2010

CMLeclair 1.3 Rom 2.1 w/800Mhz option

Is based on the latest ROM from Optimus, which is the RC2 or revision D.
Take full support for the following languages (like the rom in which it is based):

Version 1.3
- @ 800 (improved speed and stability even at 600) ADWLauncher Try for example to see the difference, is running smoothly now.
- By default, the rom will be 600 if you want to increase or you can use a program such CMLMod SetCPU
- Enables the following CPU frequency:
* 19.2
* 60
* 120
* 122
* 245
* 320
* 480
* 600
* 700
* 800
- 4MB more RAM than the 1.2
- Improved memory management kernel.
- Support for swap and ext4
- Updated LauncherPro, quicksystemInfo, Google Maps, and anything else
- Included Applanet
- Removed Docs2ToGo and replaced by QuickOffice
- Updated version 2.6.47 Swype
- Changed the theme. Now is the % of battery in the notification bar.
- It has returned to the original icons of android (as in 1.1) and ended up not liking the style of iphone.
- Modified CMLMod:
* No left turn app2sd if sd is not partitioned, warning of it.
* Includes option to enable / disable and manage swap. (To be activated, by omission of mine, restart the phone.)
* Modified the performance section commensurate with the new values which allows the kernel.
Download: CMLEclair1.3.rar
Thanks to: Carlos Martinez Lozano (


Nakul said...

1.How to upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3?
Should I Wipe and use RUT?

2.Will my Apps saved on SD card go away? Will I have to reinstall apps?

3.Won't the 800MHz frequency heat up the phone??? My phone screen became dull(dimmed) while using CML 1.2.. May be because of the heating.. It took a day for it to came to normal again.. But i fear it might have even ruined my display forever! Luckily it became proper all by itself....

Anonymous said...

does it support english language?
can i use it in my spice mi300

Ali said...

just finished updated to CMLEclair 1.3. to prevent battery running out i set on 480. so far ok. the best thing is QuickOffice !!!

Nakul said...

i'm stuck while updating at around 70%!!!! why??? PLz help.......

Nathan said...

Awesome... Thanks man. Installed yesterday from 1.6. Only had it one day, but it appears to be flawless to me. Much faster than before. Installation easy, improved battery.

Cant figure out how to save apps to sd card

Eduardo Eriawan said...

Hi.....can you help me please or e-mail me hoe to solve my problem.. i'm using cml 1.5 but after that i can not get in to recovery mod. even using rom can i enter the recovery mode, is there any way?? should i stuck into this mod forever?

Eduardo Eriawan said...

and btw. my email

Ali said...

you need to press Camera nad Volume Up and then altogether press the power button. just press until you see entering recovery mode.
if you failed just try again, do not forget to REMOVE and INSTALL THE BATTERY before you start.

Symbian Software said...

I'm newbie here.. Can you explain me how to upgrade eclair on my nexian journey..? My nexian still donut.. Thanks ali..

Mighty Ghost said...

1. can this be used in the spice mi-300 android v2.1?

2. if i upgrade to the twonight rom. how can i install this CMLeclair 1.3?

3. What the different between the twonight rom and this one?

Rohit said...

This is the best rom in 2.1 range for my spice mi 300.... install original recovery and then install it by SUT 1.7

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