Nov 22, 2010

CyanogenMod6 for Boston Rom 2.2 Build25

New build 25 (22/11/2010)

Lots of fixes and improvements:,status:merged,n,z
BugsList ->

Download: CyanogenMOD 6 Rom 2.2 Build 21

How to upgrade from Rom 2.1 to Rom 2.2:
1) Install the Oficial ROM 226D using the TOOLS (RUT or SUT)
2) Get the "RomManager" app from market or download here
3) In "RomManager" select "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery"
4) Select "Commtiva Z71" phone (compatible with Boston and clones)
5) Copy the rom and the  Google Apps zip file to sdcard
6) In "RomManager" select "Install ROM from sdcard" and choose the Rom file
7) Select "Install ROM from sdcard" and choose the Google Apps zip file
8) Reboot in Recovery Mode (camera+vol up+power)
9) Wipe All phone data
10) You could enjoy Froyo :)


S Moinuddin said...

Hello Guys! just updated my phone with this, works fine. But one problem, the links

Here I found direct FTP Links for the updated downloads...


You can find the latest updated mods here, these mods have been working fine for my Spice Mi 300. Im using Android 2.2 Froyo perfectly...

Its really a lot better than Android 2.1 Eclair

And today i had a talk with Spice's Manager and they informed me that they will soon release 2.2 or higher! Cheers...

Mail me for more inquiries, info... ill wait :)

S Moinuddin said...

And i also wish if i could get a stable release of Android 2.2 cyanogen Mods instead of Nightly builds

Stable Mods means = Perfectly tested final release version

Nightly Build Mod = Mod released every day by the night. May not be perfectly tested, like for example beta version. But these have been working fine for me till now

I wish i have one Stable version cauz i am tired of updating Mods daily as Build 15, 16 then now 25. Everyday u get new update

Unknown said...

dont be tired guys, just think about those guys who are working so hard to develop the roms.
thanks to them!!!!

Nick said...

@S Moinuddin: Froyo is better than eclair, but the version we have here has few issues, build 25 doesn't detect Wifi (worked in build 15), also other problems like the headset button not working, etc.
If spice releases 2.2, we'd be more than happy...

Unknown said...

Hi guys, I heard that with the android 2.1 eclair update on the Spice MI-300, the processor speed drops to 480Mhz from 600Mhz.

Does the same thing happen with these Cyanogen 2.2 froyo mods?


Unknown said...

Does anyone know a solution for this:
I have a z71 and sometimes it's just not sending text message.When I make a call while tring to send, it works just fine...
And it occurs only sometimes?
Does anyone had similar?

Unknown said...

cpu runs at 600 mhz on cyangen mods. texting you have to have the area code for it to work dont know why its always been like that since 1.6

Nick said...

@thomas_tommy_007: The processor speed is reduced to 480 in order to increase the battery life.
Its 600Mhz in Cyanogen.

Unknown said...

Can any body tell me how to get back Android 2.1. I Installed Cyangen Mod 2 version 7. Now SUT does not detect my Spice MI 300.
And even if when I try to update Cyangen Mog 2 Version 26, when I enter recovery mode, Phone autostarts in before updation is complete.

Unknown said...

@Swatantra B: you have to flash a image recovery that recognizes SUT or RUT. You have to install Android SDK, reboot in fastboot mode and flash it with command fastboot flash recovery
Search the net for a good recovery image for your phone. Also you will need Android Debug drivers for your phone to connect to it in fastboot mode. Good luck!

Nick said...

@Swatantra B: You'll need to flash the stock recovery image on the phone first. Just copy the recovery.img (most probably named F0X-0-219M-recovery.img, if you extract it from stock 2.1 ROM) file on SDcard.
Also copy the .nb0 file (you can use firetrap 1.2 from this site)
In the terminal program in phone type the following commands
cd /sdcard
flash_image recovery F0X-0-219M-recovery.img
reboot recovery (this will reboot the phone in recovery mode, now u'll get "Download .nb0" option)
You're done, now even the SUT will recognize the phone.

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