Mar 1, 2011

[Help] Stuck at Boot Logo Or cannot enter Recovery

Well, I have seen many people saying they are stuck at the boot logo (Motorola Logo, Apanda Logo etc) after installing CyanogenMod (any version) and cannot reboot even using the wipe option from the recovery menu.

You can fix your device in 2 min.

Step 1 -> Download Android SDK from Extract the sdk on to the root of your harddrive say C:\android-sdk-windows\

Step 2 -> Download a88.img recovery, that will fix your problem
Download here a88.img

Step 3 -> Copy that recovery file(a88.img) in android-sdk-tools\tools\

Step 4 -> Place your phone in Fastboot mode. (Endkey + Vol. down + Power).
It should show "Enter fastboot mode"

Step 5 -> Open cmd from run. change your directory to android sdk folder.
syntax: cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools

Step 6 -> Type in fastboot and flash the recovery with a88.img
(i) syntax: fastboot flash recovery a88.img
(ii) syntax: fastboot reboot

Step 7 -> Remove battery and put it back in then reboot.

Step 8 -> Yay!!!! your device reboots now

Thanks to varun mehra


Unknown said...

This tutorial was originally written by me in Cyanogen Mod

Link to the original post

Unknown said...

And here is the complete NOOB guide written by me, hopefully no one has copied it. :P

Graphics Talk said...

Hello... need help

How if I can't enter Fastboot mode. Only Download mode that I could enter.

Thanks before.....

Unknown said...

THen you can use SUT to restore your device with a .nb0 file :)

adioperator said...

Where I stuck is when I type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img in DOS shell. It just diplays forever like

Anyone got any idea to pass this thing?

Florin Popa said...

not working! help

Florin Popa said...

task 1 of 3, Switch 2 DIAG Mode faol,
help please

hothand621 said...

My computer doesnt recognise my phone? It says listing all adb devices, then doesnt list my phone! Please help!!!

Unknown said...

stuck on << waiting for device >>

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