Mar 3, 2011

[Rom 2.1] Andro-ID Apem v1.3

* Swap Enable
* EXT4 Support
* VM_Split
* App2SD enabled
* JIT Enabled
* Davlik Cache move to SD
* Processor overclocked up to 868MHz
* Undervolt Processor

* Rooted
* Busybox
* init.d support
* Bash
* Nano
* mkyaffs2image
* App2SD (Optional, enable on Recovery)
* Displacement Some applications to Partition Data
* Indonesia and English Language

Added Aplication:
* File Manager
* Torch
* ROM Manager

How to (thanks to tj_style)
- First install version 1.0 using SUT ->
- download v1.3 and update your system using recovery mode ->

Thanks to Apem from andro-id


Eduardo Eriawan said...

bos....ane pake cynogen...pake rut atau sut dah gak kebaca lagi....ada umide gak biar gw bisa pake rom lo...thanks bos

Unknown said...

@4sharedonly remove adb/phone driver in pc, reinstall using driver from stock rom, reconnect again to flash using SUT/RUT

krishna zaki said...

eh boston... belegug siha!
eta naha komen nu mimiti dihapus???

eta salah nulis deui... nu bener andro-INDONESIA!

dasar borokokok!

Cahya Setiady said...

kang,eta aya tulisan nu kirang hurupna...idonesia mah seharusnya Indonesia atuh...kirang huruf N...
anu bener mah jadi Andro-Indonesia

Unknown said...

Benchmark points?

Hari said...

This one is the best eclair-based ROM I used. Clean ROM with wide internal memory ever. But yet it was 2.1 :-), now I use phantom 2.25. Rumors said the developer of this ROM is being develop 2.3 ginger-bread)for our gadget.

S Moinuddin said...

Hari my dear,

Android 2.3.3 is already built by Cyanogen Developers, maybe you know this already

Just clearing that it released as long back, and is still under daily updations!

Unknown said...

Can someone who installed this rom tell us how is the battery life with this rom ???

Eduardo Eriawan said...

again i am asking what is stock rom? do you mean that i accidentally ever installed the phone driver. and now i should un installed it through the device manager?? can i go back to donut original.....ada yang punya gak yaaaaaahhhhh????? bete getoh pake cynogen 2.3.2restarting terus euy....dah getto gak mampu maen gun bros lagi....ama nfs payah.....3 dnya gak bagus

Aevum Dicessio said...

@4sharedonly - for the part in english... Stock rom is the original Android installation that came with your device. If you have not made a backup of it before upgrade you can download the spice MI 300 stock ROM from their official site..

ramadhan said...

andro-id 2 a.k.a brem is out now ..
great rom with 868 procesor but still have long time battery because this rom was undervolting ..

Eduardo Eriawan said...

i could not find the stock rom still. no official site for MI 300???? please help me.....

___ said...

nice rom andro-id..
codename with based indonesia food

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