Mar 25, 2011

[Apps] Angry Birds Rio - Free Download

Get Angry Birds Rio FREE @ Amazon

Angry Birds Rio
Birds away! In this brand-new physics-based casual game, you'll unleash an arsenal of angry bird artillery through 60 levels of cage-busting vengeance. The Android version is an Amazon Appstore exclusive.


adityaperdana said...

thanks a lot !

'AL' said...

awesome game.... and is optimized for low end devices!! :)

SaNNyO said...

Somebody can upload the apk to somewhere ? I`m in a not supported country of the amazon store.

catalin said...

did you try clicking on the picture above ?

SaNNyO said...

sh*it, i did but for the little image :), not the big one. Thx Catalin merci frumos

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