Mar 7, 2011

[Apps] Nintendo DS Emulator for Android - Tiger Lab apps



2. It is very very slow so you shall not expect to play NDS game with this emulator.

3. It is used to DEMO that NDS game can be played on android phone

It is shown that NDS WILL be played some days on android phone, maybe 2012 or later

WHAT IS NEXT WORK (Huge efforts)

1. More powerful phones
2. Dynarec CPU simulation
3. GPU simualtion improvement for speed greatly.
4. Hareware render (eg, OpenGL ES)
5. FPU. Since NDS need lots of float calculation. FPU can improvement performance greatly. Later ARM will have FPU in feature

If you do not have a high-end phone, do not try NDS game. Even if you have a high-end phone, just try some small games(none 3D) but it is also quite slow.
How to demo (not play) NDS game

1. Put your nds ROM files to /roms/nds folder in sdcard.

Note. zip nds rom is not supported, you shall extract them to be *.nds files

2. Launch TigerNDS which will load those NDS roms in game list

3. Select one game and play

It is just DEMO and speed is very very very very slow even on high-end phones. You shall not expect to play nds game with the emulator.

Download it free:

From Xda


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