Mar 4, 2011

[Rom 2.2] Android Bakpia Keju 2.2.2

Features :
Android Version : Android Froyo 2.2.1
Developer : RadithTux
Code Name : Android Bakpia Keju 2.2.2
Kernel Linux :
Processor : Max 600MHz
Support App2SD
Dalvik Cache2SD
Dark Tremor Skript
JIT enable
Fast Booting : 20 s
GPS Config Fast Lock Satelit
Keyboard : Gingerbread
Bootsplash : Bakpia 2
Booot Animation : Bakpia 2
Betray Indicator (skala 20%)
Themes + Icon : Bakpia Dark & Transparant Panel
Launcer : ADW free
Font : Ubuntu
File Manager : FileManager & RootExplorer
Full Animation Gingerbread IME
Power on Screen : Call + Hang up

Apps Plus :
Fancy Widget free
Compass free
Google Maps 5+ free
Apn Asisten free
InkPad free
Facebook 2.6 free
Foursquare free
SMS & MMS : Go SMS free
Quick Office free
Music Player : SongBirds free
Prey free

Note: Update using SUT..

Bakpia develop by radithTux


raditeputut said...
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Unknown said...

nice JIT + stable..brought to us by our indonesian buddy RADITHTUX

matis said...

google apps ?

raditeputut said...

Google apps are already on Bakpia Keju

matis said...

oh thanks :)

binary_drummer said...

Does this support camera? Any issues/lockups/crashes etc.. so far??

raditeputut said...

bakpia so far the camera can run smoothly, no crashes and to record video as well

Unknown said...

This rom is suites my style well. all working fine, no problem so far... i got 1024 score on quadrant advance

Unknown said...

I'll wait for 2.2.3, very satisfied with cookelat rev 2. btw, the bakpia ROMS are popular/recommended by the local Boston community in the Philippines. It is being sold as Cherry Mobile Nova. :D

Unknown said...

where do i get the htc widget thing to appear?

Unknown said...

and my a2sd storage under quick system shows information not available.

Anonymous said...

cool gan, iam also from jokja. four thumb for radithux. recommended for journier and varians. satisfied guarantee :D

cendol gan!

rawoden said...
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rawoden said...

is this rom change phone theme?? I mean contact and phone skin are same as cyanogenmod,

Unknown said...

is torch working on this rom

Alex3n said...

zedged, is it a question?
What the address book in this firmware? Is it possible to edit date of birth of contacts and whether to appoint a group of contacts?

binary_drummer said...

Question. Can i install this and then keep a backup of this ROM using Rommanager? Also is there a way to install this without the usb cable? I use ssh to transfer files and don't have a micro usb handy atm :P

Any stability issues so far with this ROM peeps?


bg.haddad said...

seems a great rom,, but i have a Q,,how i can install arabic to this rom?
can anyone help me about that plz?

raditeputut said...

Bakpia is remastering the firmware so it is not cooking directly from sources android, so I use a remastering firmware which I think is stable and I oprek systemnya according to my needs, I use a base-Foxcoon FIH. Actually my firmware is not for consumption to the general public, this project just for the media bakpia learn android I understand the system, try to see for my first rom I also use a remastering of superBler so I was not cooking Aseli sources of Android. to publish to the international media, at first I did not know who is publishing to the International. I myself just publish my facebook friends personally, I never publish to the international media. I joined the International forum also not at all, I also do not have an account on the forum. I realize this is fimware cloning or remastering, in this bakpia rom rom only the development of existing ones.

because I was just learning / novice about Android system, if there are mistakes is a natural thing, please understand.

I have my faults on the inclusion of a license. I'm not putting resources frimeware maker.

my error:
ro.product.model = bakpia ™ <--- firetrap
ro.product.brand = bakpia FIH ™ <---- = bakpia ™ <---- msm7627_surf
ro.product.device = BakpiaDroid ™ <---- msm7627_surf
ro.product.board = F0X
ro.product.cpu.abi = armeabi
framework - firetrap
animation - firetrap

Thank You Frimware Android FIH FOXCONN, Firetrap & recovery Tj-Stlye

Unknown said...

sorry to say horrible battery life. From 40% to 0 in just 2 hrs. on standby

Nuno Silva said...

That is not correct or even fair to say, i've been running this ROM on my Boston and after 2 days I still have 50% battery left.
This is very stable, all APP's I have work great, no crashes or od stuff.
Very recomendable, and thanks for the shering of this amazing ROM's.

monis said...

best rom so far
not even a single problem

only thing is missing torch

Aevum Dicessio said...
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K.J said...

just a firetrap rip with apps

Unknown said...

laggy menu scrolling is not good .
going for cyanogen mod 7 2.3v

Suyash Mohan said...

Please tell me how you guys are getting such a high score in benchmarks. I only get 250 around with the stock rom and around 450 with these custom roms.

Aevum Dicessio said...

Silva is right the battery is good but you are not wrong either, if u using xt502 then probably its battery has the same issue as mine. Till 50% the battery goes well but from 50% below it hardly lasts anything. Atleast I experienced it in every ROM so i guess the battery is only the culprit. Moreover, after 1st boot the system does a lot of stuff like scanning and all so drain is a lil fast the first time.

raymond said...

how to install ung this rom? Please help. im currently using cherry mobile nova and i want to upgrade to proyo. Is it able to install adobe flash app?

Unknown said...

many FC on my apps, ex. catch me if you can, fake gps locator..

Unknown said...

@raymond: use SUT to flash your phone.

Flash maybe installed but it will cause FCs (especially the stock browser) because the processor is only ARM v6, flash supports ARM v7 or later. :((

Anonymous said...

Hi. This ROM is just awesome. However there seems to be a defect with applications using the maps API. I installed Thrutu, and Glympse. These apps use the maps API. When I launch these they force close. This is the device error log:
App version: 1.017
Device model: Bakpia"
Firmware version: Bakpia Keju 2.2.2
Kernel version:
root@fihtdc-goodjob )
#7 PREEMPT Tue Jan 4 16:51:45 CST 2011
Build number: Bakpia"
Activated: true
Unhandled Exception hit: true

Now it looks like Google maps library is not installed on this ROM. Is there a newer version of this custom rom that includes the Google maps library (I mean the API library, not the maps app itself)?

Ankyb said...

Please upload it at any other site other than, as it really sucks....

andy said...

@raymond just look geekierchick blog theres a step on how to upgrade ur nova into cm7 its simple to understand the detail...

Mango said...

how to install it ? my phone is spice mi 300
reply me:

moodi said...

how to install adobe flash player 11 it cant show on market if i install it directly from web site the message show it could,t be install on this ver

RJE said...

hello it there a Rom manager already install in this ROM ?

RJE said...

it this rom is already rooted or can i installed busybox and drop box here please reply

RJE said...

wheres the rom manager

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