Mar 28, 2011

[Rom 2.2] firetrap Lollipop 2.2.2

Android OS version-----------------------------: 2.2.2
ROM Name---------------------------------------: Lollipop
Rooted (unsecured boot.img)--------------------: YES
Rooted (Superuser.apk + su)--------------------: YES
BusyBox installed------------------------------: YES
BusyBox run-parts support----------------------: YES
/data/app enabled------------------------------: NO
Custom boot animation allowed------------------: YES
Nano text editor installed---------------------: YES
Bash shell support-----------------------------: NO
/system/framework is deodexed------------------: YES
/system/app is deodexed------------------------: YES
Zipalign all *.apk files to optimize RAM usage-: YES
Added task killer tweak for speed--------------: YES
GAPPS------------------------------------------: YES
RootExplorer-----------------------------------: YES
JIT--------------------------------------------: YES
Dpad_Wake--------------------------------------: YES
Reboot_APK-------------------------------------: YES
Performance_Increase---------------------------: YES
Link2SD----------------------------------------: YES
GPS_Optimization-------------------------------: YES
FULL_MARKET------------------------------------: YES
PT_PT------------------------------------------: YES
EN_EN------------------------------------------: YES
RU_RU------------------------------------------: YES
NEW_DIALER/CONTACTS----------------------------: YES
MAPS_ROTATION----------------------------------: YES
WIFI_CHANNELS=11-------------------------------: YES
WIFI_SCAN_INTERVAL=90--------------------------: YES
BATTERY_PERCENTAGE(10%-10%)--------------------: YES

-> The FrameWork was all made from start new colors and new icons i hope all enjoy.

-> Replaced app2SD from DarkTremor for the Link2Sd because its more user friendly for the common user, to work you had to creat an ext partition in recovery.

-> All ROM its signed with a public Key (usually in apkManager and forums) i did it to ensure better work base for "themer's"


ClockWorkMod install method:
firetrap Lollipop

SUT/NB0 install Method:

Note: Use SUT x86 or x64 to install this rom using NB0 file!

Thanks to Firetrap from AndroidPT for this great rom!!!


Neptunex3 said...

thanks for sharing...looks promising.


Tarun Kumar Singh said...

please tell is dis better than andro 2.1??? and is it worth flashing

KiraCEW said...

Is this rom have a great performance ? battery life ?? anyone ?

joazito said...

Firetrap ROMs are legendary for their performance and battery optimization. I recommend everyone to install this.

monis said...

tested this rom
flash is not working
and i m not able to activate a2sd partition .
anyway performance wise it looks good.

KiraCEW said...

Flash is not working ? you means using the clockwork recovery ? same as me . I got error from it .

垃圾折騰人 said...

flash means flashlight or flash player??

monis said...

@ yuga
flash means torch,

@ All
flash is not supported in our devices ,
i have installed this rom using sut. performance is good but i haven't install much apps in it.
when i applied app2sd enable from recovery it stuck on green logo and does not boot.
so i m not able to activate app2sd like other rom (phantom or bakpie).

Gaurav said...

@monis: Use of camera flash as torch works in Andro-id Brem ROM. Most other ROMs don't have that package compiled with their kernel, while Andro-id did so, due to popular demand.

Can anyone tell me what clock speeds this rom supports?

The UI looks nice, though.

Ismail Mohd Yusof said...

so far only Phantom King Sky Fish 2 work best on my phone.. Spice Mi300..
great battery life and performance also.

monis said...

this rom does not support overclocking it support 600mhz
even in phantom king rev2d overclocking doesn't work properly i doesn't increase any performance. i have tried every thing neocore, quadcore for testing but result are same with or without overclocking
@ ismail
yes phantom king rev2d is better then this as it support a2sd and torch is also working.

Eduardo Eriawan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eduardo Eriawan said...

guys, fire trap is always dissapointing at enablin app2sd from recovery mod. but it is working amazingly when you go to the terminal emulator.
1st command su
2nd command a2sd cachesd do this any time the internal memory out of space.

fire trap is always bad for 3d performance.
but if you try the quadrant advance you will get 950-1000.

the best battery usage for this room. i can have fully operated for 18-20 hours includin sync 4 emails, and 3 separated chatting

do not use any launcher than the standard one. causing lag....better use the standard one. very smooth.

i prefer firetrap

Anonymous said...

That rom is locks like Crazy S (Solomennikov) rom. Do you people like this icons?
If yes, i can put them in my upcoming rev3 (maybe last rev? xD)

Aevum Dicessio said...

As for me I would like to have coloured icons for the settings menu, will that be feasible?

Anonymous said...

That is easy to do.
But... Do you think that everybody will like it?

Aevum Dicessio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aevum Dicessio said...

I think so, one major advantage that Brem had for catching attention was its eye candy.
Even Bakpia is planning an eye candy for its upcoming ROM 2.2.3 wherein he has given SENSE UI, I guess people want to have a new look in their mobile altogether. I love your ROM and so am asking for some eye candy stuff. Yes there will be people supporting me and some against me, so it all depends on you :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, i will try it.
If we get sucess, then we will keep it, if not, we will just release a methamorph theme, and let people choose.

You know... someday i will have to release a final version xD

Anonymous said...

"...That rom is locks like..."
I mean: "it looks like" :)

Aevum Dicessio said...

and the dialpad if possible, people need an elegant dialpad like the CM7 or only the dialpad section of dialer2 app(black naked like your naked swype)

thorday said...

Hey Phantom..could you put hungarian language in your next rom?i woud translate stuff u need for it..

Anonymous said...

I don't need any translation, since i made an app and it translated my full rom into every language...
I don't released it yet, because i don't want everybody using my rom. Only people that understand Portuguese ru English.. lol

thorday said...

You are a bad person..;)shear with the world;))

crazygangsta said...

it has DSPmanager???and if has it, is working???

垃圾折騰人 said...

I think I just need Chinese language

Aevum Dicessio said...

Rev 3 is coming in your Chinese language, pl hold on till then

Kodoxbluex said...

Can you enter the scene like in the rom Brem, CM7 and HTC Legend, and also includes a color in the settings menu and change the color of the battery and using a percentage and also change all the icons that exist in the framework, for the final version panthom adn support all language.

Neptunex3 said...

@ Phanthom,

If you are planning for Rev3....please change the UI...we need some eye catchy as well as good perfomance(like your previous roms)...hope to see your rev 3...if you need any help on changing the UI...i can help you.


Aevum Dicessio said...

@All - please post your requests to phantom's Rom else your opinions might be missed...

Abhi said...

hi guys
i m using rooted commtiva z71 mobile, after rooting it i upgrade it to froyo 2.2 version manually but was nt satisfied with it thus i restired my rom back to Eclair 2.1 bt now i m nt able to enter into recovery mode even aftr pressing camera +vol up +power button i only get spice icon
pls help me out as i wish to upgrade my phone to 2.3 gingerbird bt m nt able to as m nt able to enter in recovery mode

Aevum Dicessio said...

Go through the posts in blog before throwing questions

See this post on the right -->
[Help] Stuck at Boot Logo Or cannot enter Recovery

aaa said...

if i intall this i loose my guaranty?

thorday said...

No,u get one more year +....

aaa said...


monis said...

before claiming guaranty of your phone just install your official firmware.

aaa said...

hm.. not really understand. sry i`m not english. only the 2.1 is the official firmware for Orange Boston(gigabyte gsmart g103) and i wanna to install 2.2 firmware or rom because i wanna to install apps to my SD card. So the question is that if i install this ROM i loose m guarante or not? please answer with yes or no:D thx for all.

Bttamega said...

A Rom está excelente!;)
Só encontri 1 bug até agora,na rotação do ecran,ele fica com a imagem na horizontal,ou mesmo de "pernas po ar"e rodando o ecran n fica normal,só desligando a função de rotação de ecran..:/
Já fiz a calibração do sensor G,em recovery fiz wipe rotation...népias não funciona bem,a imagem roda e não volta a ficar bem,mesmo mexendo o tlm.O que será?

Akshay said...


Unknown said...

Hey, can anyone tell me which ROM gives the best battery life along with App2SD feature

Anonymous said...

didn't work on my optimus boston.

"E:Board does not support mtd utils.E.Failure at line 92:
write_raw_image PACKAGE:boot.img BOOT: Instalation aborted."

Daniel said...

My phone is Commtiva Z51 without trackball. I flashed this rom using SUT, when switch to recovery mode, i could not enter the function that I want. It seems using trackball click, I had not that ball. Could you change to use Call button like clockwork recovery? Thanks.

Neptunex3 said...

@ Akshay

here is the link to official firware for xt502..its 2.1...

link: http://www.4shared .com/file/uxXz2UvL/225I.html

(remove the space before'.com')


monis said...

@ Szavuly
no u will not lose your warranty.
just make sure you have your 2.1 official rom (orange boston) and before calming your guaranty just install it. Install it using sut , the rom should be in nb0 format .

Mysterious Boy said...

Please can u include sense ui??
and an option to choose different fonts

maiminh said...

How's the battery?

Chinmay said...

i cant download it. pls change download host uplode it in other website. is dump.

Unknown said...

hey handsome, would u please upload the file to mediafire as well?

it's suicide downloading from uploading.

i'm on my knees begging.

thanx in advance.

keep up good work, guys.

riohamsidar said...

how the result of quadrant standart for this ROM,?, i think this important.. thanks

Chinmay said...

Fucks sucks this rom has slow data connecton. Fire trap jellybean is much more better.....

Aditya said...

it does not allow to install the ROM

Error Message - E: Board does not support mtd utils.E:Failure at line 92:write_raw_image PACKAGE:boot.img
BOOT: Installation aborted.

Unknown said...

rom manager not compatible with this mod? cant boot into recovery when using rom manager's recovery mode on this one..

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

this rom is very slow

sam.wilder said...

New to Firetrap. Does it require to flash the Google Apps bundle at the end like Cyanogenmod. Does it include Google Apps.

Unknown said...

Im stuck in a boot loop now, need help.
I was on stack Android 2.1.
I rooted using z4root,installed ROM manager on the phone, I flashed CWM recovery.
I downloaded the zip file and put it in the sd card.
I booted in recovery mode and then wiped data and then wiped cache.
After that I navigated to the zip file and selected it to flash the ROM.
But then the process got aborted.
"E: Board not support mtd utils.E:Failure ar line 92:write_raw_image PACKAGE:boot.img BOOT: Installation aborted"

@sam.wilder :GAPPS------------------------------------------: YES : that means google apps yes, so im guessing yes you get google apps with this rom no need to install it saparately.

abo-bder said...

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