Mar 17, 2011

[Apps] Mbot – Moodle for Android


remembers your credentials and logs in for you automatically
remembers the pages you visited
remembers lists of Assignments, Resources, etc.
remembers and opens Word, Powerpoint, etc. (.doc, .pdf, .ppt, etc.) if viewer apps are installed (free viewers are available in market)
signifies when new information appears*
adds classmates to your Google contacts (if you choose)
is free!

Who is Mbot for?

Mbot is for students at institutions that use Moodle systems. Mbot provides access to the information from courses that you are enrolled in (you must be enrolled in a course for it to show up), and remembers what you've viewed.

Get the free app

Mbot is available in the Google Market for free. Search for "mbot" or use the barcode at right.
mbot qr code


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