Mar 17, 2011

[Help] How to Disassemble Boston/Commtiva Z71/Spice Mi-300 and Variant's.

Guide On Opening a Commtiva Z71/Spice Mi-300/Orange Boston/Xt502 or Other Variant’s.

Prepare your self to Open-up your phone!!

( I am Not responsible for any damage to your phone the below method is the only method you can open your phone and I guarantee nothing will happen to your phone!)

Required tool’s
1. A Torx 5 Screwdriver
2. A plastic prying tool or a fingernail!
3. A Peace of Mind and steady hand.
Step 1
Open Your Battery Cover By pushing the plate downward’s

Step 2
Take out your battery,SIM card,Memory card and cover.
Step 3
There are 7 screw’s Remove all of them using a T5 Screwdriver and be gentle and careful otherwise you would screw up the line’s of the screw and they would not fit back. Be careful with the top right screw which I indicated in white
Here are the 7 screw’s all are out!!
From Here you should be patient and if you hear something crack don’t panic it would be nothing than some clip releasing
Step 4:
Remove the Charger Flap and start prying with your finger or some plastic tool just like the above picture after running your finger around the crease or line where the display and the back board connects. You should find a gap like the one in the below picture.
Step 5
After you run your finger around the gap and you get a gap like the above pic now it’s time to take out the back cover.
Now just with some pressure pull the back plate and it should come off!

For some people it should be still stuck at one place that would be the headphone jack port just apply some vertical pressure or upward pressure at that place and pull the plate it should come off.
Congrat’s You have taken both the Halves apart!

Step 6
After removing the back plate put it aside and then remove the Two screw’s indicated.

Step 7
After removing the two screw’s remove the speaker just hold it and pull it down ward’s it will come
off. Then pry the plastic plate above the board first remove it from the headphone port and then pull it side way’s it would come out easily. Putting It back is easier than taking this piece out!

Speaker Taken out!!

Plastic Plate removed!!

Step 8
Now you will have the board exposed!! Now you should remove 5 Ribbon cables to remove the board from the casing!
  1. 1. Connect’s the main board to the Trackball control board
    2. It is the same connection extending from the 1st ribbon connection
    3. Connect’s the touch sensitive button’s on the screen
    4. Conenct’s the display
    5. Connect’s the sensor’s like proximity sensor and light sensor.

There is another hidden cable below the board which connect’s the Digitizer or the touch screen!
Remove all the cables which are indicated.

All the cables removed!! Remember there are 2 cables on the top!

Step 9
After removing the cables focus on the control board of the trackball now just lift the board sideward’s after removing the ribbon cable. After you lift it you will see a white cable which I indicated connecting the bard and the main board it act s as an antennae for wi-fi remove it gently from the board and put the board aside.
The pink circle is the trackball remove it!

Here is the trackball control unit and the trackball removed!

After removing the trackball unit remove the trackball from the casing and then it’s time to remove the main board.
Step 10
Removing the main Board
First Pry it from the charger port and rest of the board should come out automatically
Caution:- don’t touch the camera it would smudge it and the quality will decrease
This is the hidden touch screen cable after you remove the board it should be clear to see and it will come out while you remove the board automatically.
After removing the board remove the antennae cable
Caution:- there will be clips holding the board try to look for them and force them backwards.

Step 11
Taking out the front cover
There are seven clips holding the front cover . There are easy to remove just apply some force and then they will automatically come out .
Here are the 7 Clips .3 on the left 3 on the right and one on the top.
After you remove these clips the front cover will be off and the remaining part would be just the the screen and the digitizer.

Step 12
Remember which part’s go where and the remaining part is just the digitizer and the screen there are 8 silver clips connecting the digitizer and the screen and 4 removing those 8 clips the silver plate above the screen should come off.

Sorry Didnt Indicate the clips holding the digitizer and the screen you can find them out easily if you see. Try to take them hard they are very hard to take out!

1.If your Trackball doesn’t work just apply some alchol and dry it and then put it. It should work
2. While reassembling don’t forget to put the cable which act’s like antennae.(the white cable)
3.While putting the screen back with the board first connect the hidden cable I indicated and then put it then after fixing it up fix all other cable’s.
4. Go to a local hobby and get some surgical gloves. Just to prevent finger print’s etc on the screen and the board. It wont matter at all!!! :)
5. You Will find difficulty while putting the front cover on then just start from the top and then push it down. It will fix it up to the screen.
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Thanks to Akhil Kumar


Irukandji said...

fuzzy & weak photos :-\

ZAILER said...

thanks a ton for this post .. :) will be useful when things go bad...
seems like finally you fixed your broken screen ..good work :)

Rohit said...

Thanks.... May be helpfull for someone......

akhil said...

@tomasso:- These Pic's were actually HD Pic's taken by Canon 450DS. I Made them small so they would be easier to Upload!! I Admit there are 2 Pic's which are fuzzy due to low light condition's and Macro Photography.

Irukandji said...
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Irukandji said...

akhil: man, it's from 450DS!?!?!?! oooooooo then failure is not in camera :-D
i taken the this picture with CHEAP canon poweshot 590IS - on picture is a broken headset plug on orange boston prepared to soldering (flux aplicated) ;-) i also made the pic smaller etc low light condition & macro of course ....

Android said...

Would really appreciate if you could upload the high quality pictures of these.

Blake said...

Do you think we could extend the antenna for a better signal?

akhil said...

@tomasso- yeah the fault is with me :P i was in a hurry making this post as the admin gave me a limited time. Your shot is just awesome hope i could have done the same :). Still I hope some people would get help with this article :-)

@ blake- Yup but your phone would look ugly with an external antennae.

@ android- Sure i will upload the HD pic's somewhere around this week :)

Unknown said...

anyone know where I can get a replacement screen, I have a cracked one...

Mrjesse said...

Yessssss I Got My Blaze To Work Again Thank Yu ^_^

Rohit said...

My Spice mi300's screen is broken, from where i can buy screen in india..... can anyone help me.

Ankyb said...

easy as opening and joining of blocks

Little Chew ~ 周小弟 said...

thanks for creating this great guide! thanks!

maeschh said...

the touch screen got broken, where can i get in chennai india

Unknown said...

how can i get the white (antenna) cable if i want to replace it

Комондор said...
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Комондор said...

i am replaced the touch screen, assembled smartphone, fell quality reception for GSM, and hotkeys not work on the touchscreen.

You can upload pictures where the antenna module GSM.
and which contacts are responsible for the touch screen.

Striker said...

what is the type of wifi connector?

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