Mar 21, 2011

[Rom 2.3.3] SuperAosp 2.8.6 (BETA)


2.8.6 BETA
- Fixed rotation sensor.
- Fixed a proximity sensor in the calls.
- Improved 3D performance
- Improved fluency launchers (Try the PRO will Launcher Deluxe)
- Removed voice search. Install it from the Market, as it provides integrated system problems.
- Increased memory to avoid having FC on Street View.
- Improved memory management of the ROM.
- Fixed bug in the helmets, and work properly.
- Added supSetupv20.
- Updated GAPPS.
- Modified battery updates, and should stop at 100% load throughout the world.
- Some minor optimizations calls (Improved battery consumption in calls).
- Improved general consumption.
- It has gained a bit of RAM (182Mb total)

- To improve, if possible, a little more fluency and 3D.
- Some digital retouching of the topic.
- improving, where possible, the scope of the WIFI.


Thanks to CML


Unknown said...

gonna try this later..tq for the update..

Stormy Boston said...

Some1 tell me if it works correctly... I Can't wait for a 100% Stable, fully working Droid 2.3 CM7... (I'm new in flashing ROMs (Boston, 2.2 Jellybean Slovakia)

Neelabh said...

Has someone tried this? Is SD card working fine?

akhil said...

Yup everything's all right. You can try it it's even better in 3D performance than Cyanogen :)

Neelabh said...

cool. Me trying. Keeping my fingers crossed

Aevum Dicessio said...

how do i install this rom?? through ROM Manager?

Unknown said...

I have tried this ROM. so good so far.
here is my review:
(+)Pros more freezing if u overclock to 806 Mhz
2.some animation effect added
3.cyanogen-mod setting :) gps lock

1.Battery consumption is so weak, just like another gingerbready :(
2.DSP manager not working anymore :(
3.not all the cyanogen feature works

Neelabh said...

Its not going forward after Entering Recovery Mode.. When I took the battery out and restarted it booted to the previous ROM and was like a fresh install

Neelabh said...

My old ROM is refusing to get away. Stuck with 2. 2 :(

vaserbanix said...

istoria se repeta!
kernelul(boot.img) de superaosp286 merge mai bine cu cyanogenul original!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kernel(boot.img) from superaosp286 works better on cyanogen7!!!!!!!!!!!

dookoo said...

cum fac sa schimb setarea de la tasta rosie(end call) - se stinge ecranul cand o si cand apas pe power. mersi!

how can i do to change setting to end call key? - the end call key acts like power button - it turns the screen off...


sorin said...

cum il instalez pe orange boston?

sorin said...

how i install at orange boston?

TecnoNerd said...

I try this but stuct in boot mode :(

vaserbanix said...

@radu- tre sa cauti in setari! mie unu imi pare mai practic screen of din butonul rosu
@sorin- depinde ce rom ai inaintea acestuia!

Dipesh Ramnani said...

how to change language to english????

Elias said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elias said...

which rom should i update from??

Elias said...

which rom u update from ? to get it work. i don have network after i updated to this rom

sorin said...

am android 2.1 cel de pe situl de la orange

王鹤男 said...

But how to use it ? Rename it as ? And install it in recovery ?

Anonymous said...

@sorin se instaleaza exact ca cyanogen

Alex said...

wow! there are only romanians:)

headset working fine? (cum merg castile(daca merg)?)

to install that rom:
-install original 2.1rom
-use z4root to root phone
-instal clockwork rom manager
-flash with clockwork recovery(z71 version)
-restart in recovery
-slect with trackball wipe data
-select with trackball "install from SD"
-select superaosp archive
-wait to install and you're done

dookoo said...

@ Vasile - nu e practic. cel putin nu mi se pare mie, iar ce ma enerveaza (singurul lucru) la acest ROM este ca, daca ecranul e stins (din cauza senzorului de proximitate) pana nu se aprinde, tasta rosie nu merge deci, nu poti inchide apelul decat daca ecranul e APRINS.

the only thing that i don't like at this version is that if the screen is turned off in the call (proximity sensor) i can not use the red key - if i press it, it does nothing. any help?

@Sorin - am instalat romul de la cyanogen (release 25 parca) si odata cu acesta se instaleaza si recovery necesar, dupa care, dai reboot to recovery din rom manager - sa ai imaginea noului rom pe card) si cand intra in recovery, dai de acolo instal zip si selectezi romul respectiv.


vaserbanix said...

@radu- intra frate pe (orange boston forumul softpedia)fati cont si vb de toate! cu toti!despre orange boston si clone
in SPARE PARTS ai setari pt tasta rosie
dar nu stiu daca functioneaza pe superaosp
pe cm7 merge

dookoo said...

@vasile - mersi de info, am instalat spare parts si e ok, am setat tasta rosie, acum e ok, nu mai stinge ecranul dar, daca e stins, tasta rosie tot nu functioneaza. (nu stiu daca la romul original facea asa-nu am sesizat)

P.S> ce este SupSetup ? e in settings .... nu functioneaza. e doar la mine, sau e ceva general?

What is the SupSetup icon in the settings section and what does it do? i get an error when i try to start it...


vaserbanix said...

este o aplicatie complexa care cuprinde alte setari!
ca sa functioneze tre sa instalezi iar romul
dar fara wipe factory reset
iti trebuie partitie sd-ext pt app2sd si swap
pe care le poti face cu recovery de kong.....
mai pe larg intra pe forum...
ps. superaosp286 cam lasa de dorit

Nakul said...

i've upgraded from bakpia cheese 2.2.2 to this ROM..
and now i've lost my IMEI no and i'm not getting connected to the network, both 2G and 3G network... basically no network....... any help?

Alex said...

go back to 2.1 rom and then upgrade to this rom

use download mode to downgrade

Neelabh said...

@Nakul, You need to load your stock ROm before upgrading to this. If you have a recovery copy, you restore that through clockworkmod and then install this.

I tried this for sometime. I came back to FROYO because of IMEI issue and I have lost my Stock ROM. the SD card issue persists.

eraser310 said...

I was able to load it while on C7-Nightly-22.

Much slower than the above rom, cpu overclock did not work. It just seemed less stable.

I was able to finally connect to wifi again though.

Unknown said...

2 Words, Freaking Awesome!!

Nakul said...

Thank u Alex and Neelabh.. Did the same... Worked :)

Eduardo Eriawan said...

I was able to get quadrant 1260
the rom is draining battery even not as much as CM, but feel bad. other than that smooth, until AOSP get the better idea for battery. i think i'm gonna stay with jelly bean, with only 600mhz get 900 score quadrant and working pith all function and sync for 14 hrs.

Unknown said...

@chern siang I'm using this update. before I use CM7RC2

Elias said...

this rom seem not stable,it keep on restarting me .

0012 said...

since i'm last updated my spice mi 300 phone with this rom. my bad luck ,i have lost my phone driver. still i'm using my phone with adb devices through sdk.
so any one help me what should i do for this...

cano said...

why dont work 8gb sd card with cyanogen and this rom? pls fix it :) 1 really lowe this rom and i lowe cyanogen too but i need 8gb sd card :)orange boston owner :)

Unknown said...

Did anyone kill fastboot mode with this ROM? My phone and 2 other people I know no longer have fastboot mode.. whats up with that? a little help please.. Other wise a pretty solid rom.

Unknown said...

This is a Kickass kernel. Period.

Unknown said...


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