Mar 5, 2011

[Rom 2.2] Andro-ID v2.1 codename Brem

Developer : TJ Style

Swap Enabled
EXT4 Support
VM_Split to 3G
JIT, HW acceleration Enabled
DarkTremor A2SD (GUI Mode)
Processor overclocked up to 868MHz
Undervolt Processor
Scaling Interactive Support Profile
LED-based flashlights
Button Front wake-up Enabled
AD-HOC Support for Wifi Connection with (*) Prefix
Framework Icon and more eye catching, and the default wallpaper Boot Animation Android green robot Indonesian style (credits: nunogilberto).

Andro-ID v2.1 ROM is using zip updater, so you need Recovery flashing : Andro-ID Recovery or ClockWorkMod Recovery.

But keep in mind, for maximum results :
Before flashing the ROM Andro-ID v2.1 you must use FIH based ROMs 3260 version. 1st flash the Andro-ID v2.0 or the FIH 3220 / 3230 / Froyo Apanda then flash the Andro-ID v2.1 through recovery.

Download: Andro-ID_Brem_v21


Alex3n said...

Can I change date of the birthday and group in Contacts in this ROM? Which phone dialer usage in this ROM?

Herman Wahyudi said...

After try this rom, the battery is very impressive standby from 12 to 5 just lost 5%.

wisnuyh said...

FC terus di a2sdGUI nya
sudah pakai cara :
1 flash pake apanda 2.2 ori
2 flash recovery pake andro-id
3 baru update pake recovernya

bisa di cek bug nya?

Anonymous said...

@Wisnu yudianto You must partition your SDcard first to use it. FAT+EXT4/EXT3+SWAP

Unknown said...

Are there any limit size for EXT4/EXT3 ????
Because normally people recommended for 512 mb.

Unknown said...

This is the best ROM I have ever tried. 864Mhz processor though but still economical battery, Thanks to Indonesia developer

Gaurav said...

If it flashes on top of Apanda ROMs (3230), the battery will be good, but if what Herman said is true, then this one has the best battery life out of all the ROMs out there.
That and processor overclocking make it very desirable. Downloading now.

thorday said...
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Unknown said...

My GPS can't icon appear also
Anyone has this issue?

Gaurav said...

Working well till now, very fast(due to overclock),stable, animations are a joy to look at :-)
Battery usage is good. How good, you say? Not sure, but it's close to that of official apanda A60 ROMs.
@LiveSou: GPS works perfectly, very fast lock.

My only gripe is with the dialer: it uses the same dialer/call log/contacts functionality as the official ROMs...separate dialer and contacts/call logs. Very annoying.

The best ROM I've used till now.

binary_drummer said...

Tried this on my Moto XT5 but sim doesnt seem to work :(

monis said...

this rom has got some bugs
1.picture from camera show only green thumbnails in gallery
2.videos are running quit lagy .
3.some apps are not working properly like esfile manager.

rest is fine
quadrant score is same with or without overclocking.
torch is working.

Unknown said...

best rom ever for z71 machine, torch is working because of kernel modification by the developer (really happy with that) and also quite impressive battery life, lower your clock processor to default 600mhz and u will get shock about the battery life i found that that's about 20%-30% better battery life than apanda or phantom 2.25 (I think that because of the undervolt).
the only bug i found is just the video is little bit laggy.
Long Live Indonesia :)

@Gaurav : try downcloack processor to default 600mhz from 864mhz, u will find this rom has better battery life :)

Unknown said...

@Gaurav, Thank you for telling me...I'll try master reset

Unknown said...

9 rom : high score benchmark, 100% app work, ... Thx to TJ Style

Gaurav said...

@Arthur: cool, I'll try that, thanks!

Has any of you ever faced a problem with your accelerometer? I own a Spice MI-300, and on any 2.2 ROM, my accelerometer gets reversed after a few hours of usage.

I usually keep auto rotation off, but when I turn it on, the screen rotates to the left when I tilt it to the right, and vice versa. Makes playing Labyrinth hell :-(

I've tried wiping data and cache, but only re-flashing the ROM solves it.
Is it common? And can anything be done about it?

akhil said...

@Gaurav- are you gaurav sharma??

akhil said...

My phone does not boot into the OS just show's the android logo i tried everything including wiping data and factory reset.

Gaurav said...

@Akhil: No, Im not Gaurav Sharma. I go by the name of bloodyhippo on the net.

And you're in a very sticky situation with your phone, it's happened a lot with me. If you're able to boot into recovery mode, then you're in luck(if you have a backup). If not, you'll have to flash a new recovery to your phone.

The good thing is, you can do it WHILE it's booting. I've done it quite a few times, using adb, to flash the spice rom back. Then just flash the spice ROM from there and your phone is good as new.

Search around for the commands, and the recovery image. Any questions, ask.

Unknown said...

nice ROM

Aevum Dicessio said...

The post says that I can install over 3230 ROMS for best performance.. I don't know what is mine..
Am currently switching between Bakpia and Phantom 2.25 Rom, are they 3230 ROM. How do i find out?

0012 said...

plz any one help me ,how to use ClockWorkMod Recovery which is downloaded with Andro-ID_Brem_v21
plz write process for me steps by steps information

how to change these recovery to old one
i am still using Android_Bakpia_Keju-2.2.2

David said...

@ all:
monis reported following bugs:

1.picture from camera show only green thumbnails in gallery
2.videos are running quit lagy .
3.some apps are not working properly like esfile manager.
please confirm if anyone else is having these issues.

cipi said...

@Aevum Dicessio "...are they 3230 ROM. How do i find out? " I think is 3220 look at /system/build.prop
Anyway it's working!

Eduardo Eriawan said...

it says that it is in updater form. so i can flash it from rom manager??? but can i do it from cynogen mod??? coz i can not move to any mod since i use cynogen mod

Unknown said...

@Arthur, Gaurav
How to downclock the CPU, did you use SetCPU.apk? Please advise.

Gaurav said...

Yes d'greatruth, use setcpu.
@David: Camera images display fine, and all of my apps run without a hitch(haven't tried ES file manager though). Videos are a little laggy though. I don't play videos on my phone so I haven't tested that on any other ROM.

monis said...

@David and @Gaurav
image quality is fine but if u take picture from camera it show green thumbnail in the gallary , and video runs quit lagy in all video player and either it is taken from camera or a converted video .
i have not tried many applications but when i use esfile manager for installing any application. after installing any single application it come back to the sdcard root which never happne in any other rom.

can anyone tell me how to change the interface of this rom.

Unknown said...

I already set CPU clock to 600 but still no improvement with the battery life.

Gaurav said...

@monis: The image taken from phone camera shows up fine in the gallery, no green thumbnail. Video is a little laggy though.

To change your phone interface, you need to edit your framework-res.apk. It's located in /system/framework/

I use the theme kitchen at to add a circular battery to my statusbar and to change statusbar graphics. It's quite easy, you upload your framework-res.apk and the site creates a flashable with a your modified apk in it. It can also include a bootanimation for you.

Suyash Mohan said...

Can anyone tell if this device support nfs shift and provide me the link for nfs shift for this device. Or atleast tell what version i have to download, because on sites different versions are available like for snapdragon, cortex, etc

monis said...

tnx for ur help but i will wait for this video problem to be solved. till then i m using back pie kaju.
and i have tried ur link but this site is under construction. so could u please upload ur flashable

@Suyash Mohan
for mi300 use nfs 1.04 whose catch size is around 60 mb

and tell us if it is working
because in developer's blog someone has reported that
1. PES 2011
2. NFS shit
3. camera 360 ultimate
4. raging thunder 2
5. deer hunter 3d
6. homebattlerun 3d
are not working

Unknown said...

-nfs shif and pes 2011,can play smoothly in my phone (nx 890)
-for downclock cpu speed(864 ----> 600) ,iam using boot.img apanda room(permanently downclock)
with: fasboot flash boot apanda.img(fasboot mode)
-to change interface ,iam using adw.ex launhcer
-thank' to Mr Tj,for this room

Gaurav said...

I won't recommend flashing a separate boot image, because this ROM has used undervolting: other boot images MIGHT be incompatible. If you really have to downclock, use setCPU. Set processor scaling to "interactive" and use a profile to downclock to 320MHz when screen is off. This results in tremendous battery savings.

PES 2011 works smoothly, no problems at all.

And a big thank you to the developer, TJ_Style, for this ROM. It's perfect!

Aevum Dicessio said...

@Gaurav - from what ROM did u upgrade to brem?

Gaurav said...

@Aevum: from Official Foxconn ROM kernel

Aevum Dicessio said...

@Gaurav - thanx, will try it.

Jala said...

work perfect in my far i didnt found bug. from phantom 2.25, i flash to official 2.2 apanda, then flash to this rom..

Aevum Dicessio said...

I flashed directly from phantom 2.25 through update zip. No bug encountered yet. Running smooth. I overclock cpu during games to avoid lag, the phone heats up though.

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

can i change its stock dialer??
and how
plz help

Gaurav said...

The stock dialer is, seriously, a pain in the ass.
Do NOT try to replace phone.apk, telephonyprovider.apk, contacts.apk and contacts provider.apk, you will stop catching a signal.
I tried replacing these with stock apks from from other 2.2 ROMs, but ended up reflashing the ROM.

If, however, anyone can suggest a method to bring the old dialer back, I'd be most grateful.

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

cant we jyst make update zip from old contact and dialer apk??

Unknown said...

@ Tarun Kumar Singh : try "dialer one" from market

Eduardo Eriawan said...

updated to andro brem from foxcon 3230 but it's lagging though it is very much interactive.

but 1 thing is bugging me i tried all browser include the built in one. when i try to reach any web it keeps failing but not force close. it is coming out to the drawer over and over.
i used fix permission from rom manager but no improvement.

any one know how to fix it. pls email me at

Thanks anyway

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

a2sd gui not working
it force closes
do i need to make ext partition in my card to make it work?

Eduardo Eriawan said...

@tarun kumar singh

please see earlier post.

@Wisnu yudianto You must partition your SDcard first to use it. FAT+EXT4/EXT3+SWAP

better use gparted linux. through recovery or windows xp will not help


This ROM is awesome! I have just a little problem:
Whenever I use GPS (happened in foursquare, maps and navigation), after I close the app my XT502 freezes. Any idea how to fix this?

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

@ vinh- i hate dialer one i liked stock dialer of 2.1 i also made its backup but cant install it in dis rom

@4sharedonly- if i m right den ext is just to put flash and all in sd card ??

@ lfcanalha- i faced d same prob in firetrap jelly beans dats y i shifted to it, but it has same probs sumtimes...

Aevum Dicessio said...

Battery good no doubt, after 100% charge, it lasted entire weekend on standby, still didn't reach zero.
The volume however sounds low compared to CM or other ROM.

Eduardo Eriawan said...

@tarun kumar singh.
by using gparted you may created 4 primary partition :
1. fat32
2. ext 2
3. ext 3
4. linux swap.
then in a2sdgui change the dalvik setting to be sd ext. then it is done.

Unknown said...

12hrs and he battery is still 100%... omg this is the best rom ever :)

Aevum Dicessio said...

@Tejaswi - battery status will show 100% till goes 89% then it shows 90%.. so u can take it like 12/15hrs 10% drain..

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

@ 4sharedonly- thanks bro
can you help me is disbling the screen wake from red button. I hate that

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

@ tejaswi
dont u do anything on your phone??
i guess 12 hrs is on standby...

Eduardo Eriawan said...

I did sync for 3 email facebook, messenger, fully functioning but exclude gaming and browsing, 10Hrs tops, gaming takes only 3Hrs...

i guess modyfying button only happen at superbler and cynogen maybe you may ask to TJ style or Flph for separate apps such as metamorph

well kinda sucks i could not watch adult video smoothly using this rom ^^ kinda lag and anoyying.

Tarun Kumar Singh said...

@ 4sharedonly
well you only have option of pdf and wild imagination

cipi said...

For video lag try this:
open /system/bulid.prop and edit this line media.stagefringht.enable-player=true change in false and reboot!

Gaurav said...

@monis: It's TRUE! Green thumbnails do appear, but for me I've only seen one such green thumbnail, and that too in explorer.

Amin Mynard said...
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Jala said...

back to this rom again after try with skyfish rev2.
waiting for next release of brem/andro-id

Unknown said...

@Jala: I doubt it, because from the forum I heard the developer had sold the Z71 Phone already, he is now focusing on another type of phone ... don't know this is true or not

Mighty Ghost said...

wanna ask. i has spice mi300. can i flash directly to andro-id v2.1 from official fw2.1?

without follow the instruction,
"But keep in mind, for maximum results :
Before flashing the ROM Andro-ID v2.1 you must use FIH based ROMs 3260 version. 1st flash the Andro-ID v2.0 or the FIH 3220 / 3230 / Froyo Apanda then flash the Andro-ID v2.1 through recovery."


Adnan95 said...
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androiddylan said...

Android Brem is one of the best ROM I have ever tried so far. However there is no such thing as a perfect ROM ( as I can tell ). There ROM has a very impressive speed specially if I use SETCPU into Performance so it is locked with 864mhz but as I "Angry Bird" my phone then it started to stuck and I have to reboot...twice. This is the most compatible ROM for Cherry Mobile Nova ( Obviously it is relative to the official ROM that CM is using to update from eclair to froyo). Camera is awesome and I did not experience that line in the middle thing that Cyanogen usually have. Battery life...well that's my major issue, how come my drains so fast? Well maybe its because of angry birds lol! Give it a try people

LFC said...

hi love your firm "LollipopREV21" but can you please change the name of the firmware (the name that appears on the mobile phone) to a simple one pls

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